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Carter Gonzalez

SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron was a Cartoon from Hanna-Barbera and Tremblay Studios, that aired on TBS on September 11th, 1993. The cartoon only had two seasons while a third season was in the works, until TBS CEO Ted Turner pulled the plug. This MOTHER F***** said it was too violent for kids and their toy sales were dropping like flies and replaced it with Captain Planet and the Green Team. Seriously Ted? WTF?! Hey News Flash dude, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers aired the Same year as SWAT Kats did and they fought bad guys and hell it made twenty seasons & SWAT Kats only made two and a third one on the Way! You had to cancel it! YOU STUPID SON OF A B****! If you are reading this Please Like, comment and share this. We need to reboot the Franchise, NOW! We need your help, so stop what you're doing and lend a paw. We need to Get the show back in the air. "DOWN THESE MEAN SKIES, A KAT MUST FLY! WE WANT TO BE THE GOOD GUYS." -T-Bone.



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