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The Flash is the superhero that everyone can remember as a child from the the ginger hair all the way to the way he was into the justice league. He was humorous and got the job done. The directors did a great job, he's hair might be different, but his personality is just the same. I am watching it just as I type which makes it kinda hard, but worth it if people read this. It has been weeks and days since [The Flash](series:1068303) has come out and though this review is late I still will continue to write. There are many theories and ways and explanation going on with The Flash and the truth has yet to come out. The first question that came into the mind is when Flash is suppose to disappear in the future so the question is how and why? Also why is that professor.

Of course the image has such small writing that you can't see what happens in the future which sucks, but nice to know there is something bigger then just new villains. Now on to the professor. He of course killed his mom, but what if he plays a bigger role then that. There are three theories in here. One which is the worst is that he is in fact the flash himself, but older and more clever meaning he killed his own mom and beat himself up...yikes. The second theory is that he in fact Flash's son who came back to help his dear dad and make sure he doesn't disappear. The last and final theory could be that something in his timeline messed up and he has to go back and make sure everything goes to order or change a bit of the Flash's past in order to make sure he is fine. One thing though before we move on to the next subject. The newspaper shown says Red skies vanish meaning either the flash vanished or the thing that is going to make him disappear is the red skies. Omg another theory! Just maybe that red skies somehow warped the Flash back to the past erased his memory and converted his age back to the past. Oh don't mind my energetic self right now. Okay okay. Now then we all know how our precious flash heart got damaged grrrr. So all week I have been thinking that he needs a little lady. Now in the cartoon he had HawkGirl

Ginger~ *cough* Anyways....I really hope she comes back, but of course we have that mystery girl from the preview we got for this season or was it the next episode I can't remember. There is also Caitlin, but she sin't over her fiancee yet though I think they will be cute oh speak of the devil that mysterious girl who is in fact named Linda just walked into the room. Also Flash can sing!! Back to what I was talking about. Hopefully Flash can steal a heart again. The next thing I want to talk is Flash and his future. We already know what is coming up and what may not happen. Now I think everyone has had enough of my babbling for now. This is Midnight Hatter signing off.


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