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It was in September of 2012 in which I was called to work in Roseburg. I drove 4 hours to get there. It was hot and sunny when I arrived. I had been hired on to train abused and neglected rescue horses.


What do you think it was?

I had been there for six weeks. strange things kept occurring first was the morning fog that turned red as the sun rose. Next was the giant burrowing rats by the pond that attacked the horses and people walking by. Following that was the horses mysteriously getting out and showing up days later. Let's not forget the ghost stallion that was an elusive wild horse who would attack anything.

On the sixth week the odd occurrences escalated into a terrifying event that would change not only my views and opinions, but also those of which who were there on October 6th 2012.

The night before the other workers and I had been sitting outside sharing stories and getting to know one another better. It was close to 11pm when we heard the horses stir in the east barn. We quieted down and listened closely. "Maybe a stallion got loose" I remember my Co worker saying. I listened closer.

The horses began to scream and bellow. We all jumped up shocked. We began to run to the barn quickly. It couldn't be two stallions. I thought as we ran. I suspected it was probably a cougar. As we stood at the barn door the four of us fearfully threw the door open and switched on the lights. The older and larger stud was striking at a large black looking animal. It withdrew out the back and disappeared into the night.

That next day I looked around cautiously. Nothing was around just the 30 horses and the large unoccupied valley. I went on with my day. That evening I came in early and when straight to bed. My dog who had been staying with me waited sleepily at the edge of my bed. I laid down and fell asleep.

I awoke to a low deep growl coming from my dog. He stood over me hackles upgrowling at the window. I started to turn over when I heard a louder deeper snarle. I turned slowly over to the window and what I saw paralyzed me. A large canine silhouette stood on the other side of the light taffeta curtain. I took in a deep breath and bolted out of bed. The large animal snapped and snarled. I ran into my coworkers room and shook her awake.

The animal hit the window. I had told her what I had saw and what I had heard. Her reply was it must be a neighborhood stray dog. I told her no way. When she asked why I told her no stay dog is six feet tall. That was the height that my window was off the ground.

The animal snarled and hit the window again cracking the window. Then as we opened the curtain, rifle in hand, it ran away. I called my mother at 1am in sheer panic. She was their by four and I was gone that day.

I'll never go back again.


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