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At a recent press conference promoting their new film Seventh Son, Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore were reminded that it's been quite a while since they worked together on The Big Lebowski.

As it turns out, no reminder's necessary.

"It's been 17 years and I have a little Lebowski to prove it," said Moore. "I actually got pregnant — it's not Jeff's — during The Big Lebowski. My son is 17-years-old, so that's how we know it's been 17 years."

Bridges, who chuckled at Moore's quickness to explain he is not in fact the father of her child, chimed in with an interesting revelation.

"Not many people know this... but this film is actually a prequel to The Big Lebowski," he deadpanned before joining the crowd in laughter. "There are some kind of weird parallels, you know. I think of Maude flying" — here he made a high-pitched whooshing sound — "coming at me like the dragon. And Dude liked to smoke it and drink it."

Bridges' Seventh Son character, Gregory, certainly enjoys 'ye olde booze', and the actor has a feeling he has a fondness for 'ye olde weed' as well.

"I'm sure he has some kind of smoking mixture," he pondered.

Be sure to see Seventh Son in theaters this Friday.


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