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Hello again Flash TV fans! I'm going to be producing a video review and writing one on the latest episodes of both The Flash and Arrow every week. My reviews will not analyze every single detail of the episode or even give it a grade for that matter. I'm going to discuss the top 5 moments or stories that stuck out to me the most whether because it was great or poorly executed.

If you didn't see my review for last week's episode "The Sound and the Fury" you can check that out right here!

As always beware of spoilers if you didn't watch this episode of The Flash and let's get rolling. Here is my video review of this week's episode "Crazy for You".

Top 5 Moments

5. Is Ronnie's story going somewhere?

Some stories can be slowly drawn out and some get annoying when they do. For me one of those annoying stories is Ronnie/Firestorm thing. I just am starting to lose interest. My big question is where is it all going though?

In other news Caitlin seems to have gotten over her fiance pretty quickly as she seems to be flirting with Barry. Are the writers intending for her to be flirting? Or is that the portrayal by the actress? If they aren't supposed to be friends she's very open to changing in front of Barry lol.

4. Pied Piper is back!

Hartley didn't hesitate to try to escape as he lures Cisco into letting him out to discover more truths about Ronnie and Firestorm. The actor playing Hartley Andy Mientus channeled a Hannibal Lector in his cell toying with Cisco.

I honestly wished they kept him in the cell for a couple more episodes to see what other scenes he could steal. My problem was that literally 11 minutes into the episode Hartley escapes... again...

3. Cisco gets some screen time

Many of the episodes Cisco is the comic relief while we watch Barry run into danger. He's goofing around by nicknaming the villains. It's all fun. This week we got to see a bit more of a dramatic turn through his interactions with Hartley. We saw him confess to Caitlin that he was the one who had to shut Ronnie into where the explosion of the particle excel-orator happened.

We were also able to see him use his tech skills to take on Hartley in a fist fight. Instead of trying to use his muscle, he planned ahead to use a device that would send those sound waves in Hartley's head. Sure, in the end Hartley was able to outsmart Cisco but it was a different side of Cisco threatening to let the device ring in Hartley's ear forever!

2. Barry's Dad is the best!

John Wesley Shipp is so freaking great as Henry Allen. The geek in me just loves that he was the actor who played the original Flash in the 1990 series. How cool is that? Shipp steals every scene he has been in. You feel the pain he has by seeing his son grow up over the years while he is wrongfully in prison.

That final scene where in not so many words he tells Barry he knows that he is the Flash I was tearing up. I'm not ashamed. He tells Barry that he should be careful and that he couldn't be any prouder. What a dad! He's just the best.


That end tag where Grodd kills those two sewer workers? Man, it gave me chills! This is an example of a story where I enjoy The Flash writers taking their time to fully introduce Grodd. Let him just appear in the shadows here and there. Let the suspense build until BOOM he's going to be the coolest villain we've seen in this CW/DC TV Universe I'm calling it right now!

If they continue to treat it this seriously and not make Grodd some sort of joke we are in for a treat! Will he return next week or will we have to wait a few episodes comment below!

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