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Joe Virgili



So if your daughter is like mine you can quote every Tinkerbell film with ease, after a few times I started paying attention to them. While I noticed a few inconsistencies between them my favorite has been the pirate fairy in which the newly introduced Zarina practices fairy dust alchemy. After an accident with her experiments she is kicked out of being a dust keeper she leaves the colony and becomes the captain of a pirate ship. Twords the end of the film we see a turn on captain Zarina by her first mate James who then takes over as Captain and at one point exclaims his hatred for alarm clocks. In the ending credits scene we see captain James in the ocean grabbing onto a wooden barrel with a hook, an alligator who swallowed an alarm clock then bites at James and we don't see much just hear the screams of ow and ouch. Now I'm not saying its coming soon but they have set us up for a CGI Peter Pan with the origins of Captain hook but then again that could be all it is meant to be is a origin story, what do you think?


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