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Although the news has been circulating the interwebs for some time now, I can't help but feel pangs of utter glee that the cinematic reboot of Power Rangers, the hit kids series which first aired in 1993 (feel that age), will begin shooting this year and is primed for a 2016 release!

Trivia Spot!: Did you know that Heisenberg voiced bad guys in Power Rangers?

Plot details are still shrouded in a thick veil of secrecy and no announcement has been made regarding casting although Jason David Frank, the legendary Green & White Ranger and relayer of Power Rangers reboot news, is very interested in reprising his iconic role - which is completely necessary to create a great PR movie. In my totally honest and humble opinion.

"White Ranger Tiger Powerrrr"
"White Ranger Tiger Powerrrr"

My only worry with the reboot is tone. Will Lionsgate Films and Saban Brands stay completely true to the sweet, silly and colorful style of the original series and have people slap each other about in grandiose monster costumes, or will they go full throttle and add a greater sense of scale and threat on par with last year's Godzilla reboot?

That's a question the incredible concept artist Eddie Del Rio has answered with majestic aplomb in his chaotic interpretation of the original Megazord duking it out, Pacific Rim style, with something that resembles a MUTO. Check it out...

Speaking of Pacific Rim, have you guys seen this brilliant PR and... PR mash up?

That's pretty epic! And it comes as no surprise from a concept artist that worked on Godzilla 2014 and the impending King Kong feature Skull Island. But with the spate of modern day reboots choosing to go "gritty", I fear the movie may ostracize smaller cinema goers whilst appeasing the old guard, but a more sugar coated PR flick could end up resembling '95's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie which is rather dated in tone and, naturally, visuals now, yet still lingers close to my heart.

Like this fight scene for example...

But, with the addition of talented writers Ashley Miller & Zack Stentz, who have worked together on X-Men: First Class, Fringe and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, we should be in for a fairly spectacular yet grounded ride. Well as grounded as you can get with Power Rangers...

Megazord agrees.
Megazord agrees.

Well with my deluge of speculation nearly over, I guess we'll have to hold on to our hats and see what actually happens! But at least Bobbie Amell, The Flash's Firestorm has thrown himself into contention as the Red Ranger. At 26 is he too old to play a superhero high schooler? Maybe... but why couldn't he play a past Ranger rendered grizzled and pessimistic by the loss of his team of superteens by the reboot's big bad, and act as a guide/ally to the new crop?

Crazier things have happened...
Crazier things have happened...

Image via Comicbook

What do you guys think?

How would you like the new Power Rangers movie to shape up?

Also, check out Eddie Del Rio's other works. They really are quite superb!

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