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The internet often delivers things you never asked for. Indeed, often it gives you things you weren't even capable of conceiving. Both of these are certainly true when it comes to a new reanimated Pokémon title sequence. Sure, we didn't ask for it, but I'm certainly glad it exists.

The collaborative project is certainly a sight to behold. 32 different animators of different styles and methods were given a few seconds of the original title sequence to reanimate. Apart from that, there were no real rules.

Some tried to recapture the look and magic of the original, some reimagined it in their own style, and some just did whatever the hell they liked. This is the result:

Now, compare it to the original, if you are so inclined:

Well, there was certainly a lot to take in there, but here are a few of my favorite moments:

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Pidgey Used Pecks! They're Super Effective!

Someone Get This Chamander to a PokéCenter, STAT!

This Bit Was Legitimately Just Quite Cool

Ren and Stimpy Meets Pokémon

Some Terrifying Role Reversal

Ash Ketchum If He Was A 17 Year Old Grunge Kid Who Really Loves Nirvana

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