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We have all been waiting months for Christian Grey to finally see us, but now we can finally feast our eyes on the first clip from the much-anctipated erotic movie.

Unfortunately for all of the kinksters out there, this tantalizing clip will probably leave you begging for more thanks to its thinly veiled hints at Christian's fetishistic foibles...

Take a look at the 50 Shades of Grey trailer breakdown below to see what I mean.

Do you stock cable ties?

Yes, yes a million times YASSSSSS!

Yes, yes we do. I can show you if you want?

Bless Ana, I think the point here is that Christian really wants to show you...

Are you redecorating?

Does anyone have any ideas what the hell you would use cable ties for while you were redecorating? A nice Etsy style lamp perhaps? Totally seems like Christian's jam...

The truly self-respecting handyman will have both in his tool box...

Don't say tool box under these circumstances Ana, you're getting everyone all flustered!

Do you want anything else?

Come on Ana, you must be twigging on by now? Even my 87-year-old grandmother would probably have some idea...

You're the complete serial killer

I'll let the picture below do the talking...

I defy you to watch the full clip below and not get all tied up with anticipation!

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On a more serious note, the acting here is seriously on point! Dakota Johnson is owning it as the mousey Ana (an oxymoron, I know) and I totally believe Jamie Dornan knows how to give a good spanking.

10 days to go!

Source: MTV


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