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Sure, children are adorable with their adorable oversize eyes and colorful clothes you secretly kind of envy, but they can cause their parents sleepless nights by other means than crying...

When a sweet little kid inexplicably starts babbling on about traumatizing past lives or ghoulish apparitions, it makes the blood run cold like nothing else.

Maybe they're trolling to relish the priceless look on their parents' concerned faces, or maybe they are just that tiny bit more connected to the supernatural than us cynical adults.

Take a look at the creepiest things to ever spring from the mouths of babes, gleaned from the good people of Imgur and make your own judgement!

On a Knife Edge

Even the most mundane tasks can become a harrowing ordeal when you have little cherubs around...

Quote by: Benswargle

The Fog People Cometh

Yeah, I think I'd rather have the fog people.

Quote: Serioussargasm. Image: Inusueldaline

Off With Her Head

Back in the not-so-good old days...

Quote: Joysprite

Horrifying Historian

I really hope that this happened after the movie had been released...

Quote: Cordy88

The Little Girl Who Wasn't There

Ummmm yeah, she can stay up until whenever she wants!

Quote: 2babybirdies


To be fair, I'd be crying too.

Quote: Unknown (please comment if you know the Redditor who wrote it!)

No Words Needed

The key words here are "used to babysit"...

Quote: OatyOates

Ceiling Sleeper

There's nothing like devouring a heart after a nice long nap!

Quote: Eps421

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