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We know them for their glamorous gowns on the red carpet, their luscious locks, their phenomenally long eyelashes, their perfect skin tone and beautifully tinted lips. Yet, in their downtime and when they are away from the camera's prying eyes, these lovely ladies prefer to let their natural beauty shine through.

After all, without the hordes of make-up artists at the ready to touch-up any imperfection, they are normal women just like us.

Take a look at these 11 stars who prove that it's not necessary to pile thick layers of foundation onto your fresh skin to look beautiful and that the key to happiness does not lie in that perfectly applied smoky eye-shadow or red lipstick.

1. Nicki Minaj

In the shower, Nicki Minaj loves to make sure her face is squeaky clean and she isn't afraid to show the results in a selfie. When it comes to beauty, confidence is key!

2. Kristen Bell

There's no hiding the young actress's smile, even when she's posing make-up free and what seems like a bra on her head.

3. Sarah Jessica Parker

With three children and all those school rounds and errands to run in the morning every day, make-up is the least of SJP's worries.

4. Miley Cyrus

Miley posts a cheeky photo post-shower, showing her true colors away from all that warpaint and hairspray.

During her teenage years, the star was bullied at school, revealing that "I had really bad skin." Luckily, she was able to overcome her troubles and today, she is as radiant as ever.

5. Kirsten Dunst

Less is definitely more for Kirsten Dunst, who shines wearing that gorgeous smile and looks so happy!

6. Beyoncé

Queen Bey is the queen of posting makeup-less selfies on her Instagram.

7. Selena Gomez

Selena is a natural beauty inside and out and as a role-model for so many teens, it's wonderful to see her encourage others to go make-up free.

Check out Selena doing her thing in the 'Come & Get It' video:

8. Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff looks every bit the everyday woman as she hits the town without her make-up. Clearly when looking after her 2-year-old, she prefers to keep it casual.

9. Jessica Biel

You can spot Jessica Biel's stellar smile a mile away, with or without make-up.

10. Jennifer Lopez

We are always pressured to invest in age-defying make-up to keep our faces wrinkle free and radiating. Well thankfully, 44-year-old JLo has proven that it's possible to look flawless in just her dressing gown.

11. Megan Fox

Megan still looks foxy without all that tan, lipgloss and mascara! In a way, going make-upless makes her eyes stand out even more.

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