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The late Whitney Houston's daughter is 'fighting for her life' in a medically induced coma after being discovered face down and unconscious in a bath tub at her Georgia home.

Brown was discovered on Saturday night by her 'estranged' long term boyfriend Nick Gordon and a friend at 10.20am and rushed to the nearby North Fulton Hospital after police and paramedics managed to get her breathing again.

The 21-year-old is currently breathing with the help of ventilators in intensive care and investigators have not yet ruled out the chance that she may have attempted to take her own life.

Bobbi Kristina Brown with Nick Gordon
Bobbi Kristina Brown with Nick Gordon

The Mirror reports that Brown had spiralled into a cycle of depression in the wake of the third anniversary of her mother's death and was also tormented by the breakdown of her long-term relationship with Nick Gordon.

Brown's prognosis does not seem hopeful; a health worker caring for Brown said:

She lost oxygen to her brain for too long. She’s not going to be able to recover

TMZ also reports that Brown has "severely diminished brain function" although her family have moved her to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta to ensure she gets the best neurological treatment available.

In an eerie coincidence, Brown's mother, Whitney Houston, was found dead on February 11 three years ago when she drowned in a bath tub at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel.

(Source: The Mirror and TMZ)


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