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20 years ago Disney released a brand new animated series to the masses that was unfortunately mediocrely received but hit chords so resonant, that it became a stalwart in cult geekdom.

As a kid Gargoyles had me enraptured and stuck in front of the television every time it graced the airwaves. It came as a shock and something I could never imagine could come from the halls of Disney - it was dark, epic and so similar to many other great animated series that were already causing major waves in living rooms across the country.

Jump on the nostalgia train with the opening sequence below!

I mean, it looked like any other '90s cartoon - bright, colorful and it employed some wonderful action set pieces. But deep within the core of the series resides a moral compass for cultural and sexual diversity, immigration and acceptance.

Gargoyles managed to combine the fish out of water trope with these tragic characters that are the sworn protectors of a New York City that is collectively afraid of and hates them. So that's mixing up Batman: The Animated Series and X-Men, two also majorly seminal kid's series right there. And that's without mentioning NYPD detective Elisa Maza, the April O'Neill in the Gargoyles Universe.

Eliza Masa
Eliza Masa

Gargoyles would never have been what it was without its incredible voice cast too. The unstoppable Keith David was deployed as Goliath, bringing power and humility to such a hulking beast of a hero. Salli Richardson imbued Elisa Maza with heart and a raging pulse, suitable for a badass NYPD detective who works in tandem with these insane mythical beasts from the distant past. And various Star Trek alumni such as Jonathan Frakes (Xanatos), Michael Dorn (Coldstone) and Marina Sirtis (Demona) lent their voices to add that air of proper authenticity.

Image via SnapeLover415

It was an incredible time killer and much deserves its second chance at life in the protective hands of cultdom. I salute thee, Gargoyles! Thanks for making my childhood afternoons magical ones.

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