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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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American Horror Story: Freak Show was about celebrating our differences and taking a long, hard look at what makes a 'freak'. Many of the characters in the American Horror Story Season 4 were inspired by the incredible real life people living with unusual attributes in a world that often misunderstood them.

Check out 5 incredible people who were not featured in [American Horror Story](series:206668) Season 4 - but would have totally rocked it!

1. Condition: Bilateral Hypertrophy

This painful-looking condition involves a huge amount of extraneous breast tissue growing, which puts enormous strain on the spine and shoulders. The woman pictured actually had a large quantity of the unwanted mammary mass removed, losing 17lb from the left breast and 43lb from the right in total.

2. Condition: Cutaneous Horn

This photo shows a waxen model of Madame Dimanche, aka Widow Sunday. She grew a 9.8 inch horn on her head over the course of six years in the early 19th Century. Eventually a famous French surgeon removed the unusual appendage.

3. Condition: Polymelia

'Polymelia' is the condition of having more than two legs, but famous courtesan Blanche Dumas went one better - she also had two vaginas! The infamous escort was born in Martinique, 1860 and went on to amaze wealthy tourists in Paris. I bet she'd have been great friends with the lovely Desiree Dupree...

4. Gnarly Nails

OK, so it's not exactly a 'condition' as such, but characters like Dell Toledo had qualities that were acquired rather than inherited, too. I can just see these twisted, creepy nails fitting right into the Freak Show gamut.

The trend originated in historic China where they were a sign that a person was too wealthy to undertake physical labor, and therefor a symbol of great status.

5. Cyclopia

This striking birth defect is the result of improperly formed eye sockets fusing together, leaving only one eye. It's named for the one-eyed monster in Homer's The Odyssey. Almost all babies born this way are stillborn, or only survive for a few short weeks. With this in mind, the only way we're going to see a live adult with this condition is in fiction - a long lost brother of Jimmy Darling?

What was your favorite moment in AHS: Freak Show?

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