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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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We've seen some horrifying movies about cults, Satanic rituals and - of course - murder. However, the very worst of human depravity can be found in real life. Read on to discover the vile details of the fiendish acts committed by individuals who were barely more than children... in the name of Satan.

1. Unspeakable Depravity

Killer: Moises Meraz-Espinoza, 18

Date: February 2, 2011

Location: Los Angeles, California

Moises made the ultimate sacrifice to Satan on February 2nd, a day he claimed was the 'Unholy Day' - he killed the woman who gave birth to him. Moises strangled his mother before using a circular saw to completely eviscerate the poor woman, separating skin and flesh before bagging the pieces and putting them in the freezer. The untold brutality Moises dealt to his own mother is surely the most vile and barbaric act a human being can commit.

2. Killer Cult of Kroth

Killer: Luke Woodham, 16

Date: October 1, 1997

Location: Pearl, Mississippi

Woodham did not act alone in the shocking and brutal murder of his mother. He'd gotten close with 18-year-old Grant Boyette, the leader of a group of teens in a Satanic cult, naming themselves 'The Kroth.' Boyette spent 5 whole hours urging Woodham to commit an act of murder - and it worked.

September 30th, 1997, Woodham stabbed and bludgeoned his own mother to death before marching into his school and opening fire on the student body, injuring 7 pupils. Woodham claimed that demons told him to kill at his trial - a defense which couldn't alter his sentence of life in prison.

3. Boy Scout of the Beast

Killer: Thomas Sullivan Jr, 14

Date: January 8, 1988

Location: Jefferson, New Jersey

Satanic teen Thomas Sullivan Jr argued with his parents about that very topic - they were concerned about: his obsession with Satanism. However, this depraved youngster had other things in mind. After a particularly bad falling out in January, 1988, Thomas stabbed his own mother - with his boy scout knife. He then used this same poignant symbol of childhood innocence to slash his own throat open, killing him instantly.

4. Letters to Lucifer

Killer: Sean Sellers, 14

Date: March 5, 1986

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

At 14, Sean Sellers drank vials of blood at school, in front of other horrified students. He claimed to read the Satanic Bible compulsively, committing rituals in his bedroom such as writing letters to Lucifer in his own blood.

His bizarre behavior came to a head when he murdered a store clerk for refusing to serve him alcohol. Amazingly Sellers quite literally got away with murder - until an unholy crime revealed his true nature to the authorities. Six months after his first murder, Sellers snuck into his parents' room and shot them in cold blood. He was executed by lethal injection at only 29 years old.

5. Not only Lizzie Borden took an axe...

Killer: Nathan Brooks, 17

Date: September 30, 1995

Location: Bellaire, Ohio

Brooks was only 17 when he decided to kill his very own parents. Their murder was planned to be the beginning of a killing spree, claiming 30 lives for Satan. Brooks attacked his mother with an axe before dismembering his father with a hacksaw, including cutting off his father's head for use in a Satanic ritual.

Despite pleading 'Not Guilty' by reason of insanity, Brooks was given two life sentences for his monstrous act of matricide and fratricide.

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