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In the 21st century, we use the adjective 'legendary' so much that it's kind of lost its meaning - mostly thanks to How I Met Your Mother. Well, last weekend something truly legendary happened, and I mean that literally.

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, best known as Europe's Strongest Man and portraying the villainous The Mountain on Game of Thrones, has just secured his name in Icelandic lore by breaking a record which stood for 1,000 years.

According to viking legend, an Icelander named Ormur Stórólfsson once carried the mast of his ship (which weighed 1,320 lbs) three steps before his back literally broke. It was a legend that stood for over 1,000 years - that was until Björnsson arrived on the scene. Not only did he match the record, but he also beat it by two whole steps. And guess what, his back didn't even break. Check him out making history below:

Clearly, as you can imagine, he was pretty pumped after his achievement. But don't expect him to start resting on his laurels. In an Instragram post, he made it clear he's got a bigger title in his crosshairs:

Last year, he came second in the World's Strongest Man competition, so achieving his dream is well within his massive, skull-crushing grasp.

It is rather nice to actually see some good news out of this guy, since last time we saw him he kind of broke the hearts of Game of Thrones fans everywhere. You can remind yourself of that in the video below, but beware of some major Game of Thrones spoilers:

Source: TIME


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