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Now I would like to make some things perfectly clear before we continue down this road. I am a very big Marvel fan, I have been from a young age. The characters always inspired me and were the comic book team I had chosen to side with.

Don't get me wrong; you can't not love bats...

I mean come on!
I mean come on!

Superman never really did it for me, I think that was the same with Captain America, too much righteousness. Spider-man & Iron-Man just stuck with me and I never really looked back, then you had the films to back it up.

(we won't talk about the spider-man films, lets focus on the animated series for our nostalgia, shall we?)

However, the recent onslaught of DC on the TV has gotten me excited like a giddy schoolboy all over again. With '[The Flash](series:1068303)' 'Gotham' & 'Constantine' it is hard for me not to fall over to the other side. I will tell you now - it feels good to be here.

With the amazing mid-series finale we've just had

Oliver facing off against Ra's and managing to cling to life in great Oliver fashion. Being healed by Tatsu and I am hoping Maseo teams up with The Arrow to take down the League or at least Ra's.

The show just keeps getting better and better! Here are my 3 key points as to why I believe 'Arrow' to be one of the best Superhero shows on TV right now!

1. They Keeps It Real

Bit brooding sometimes, but you gotta love him!
Bit brooding sometimes, but you gotta love him!

I think a major part of what makes Oliver Queen so enticing (much like Batman) is that he just an ordinary guy that had a lot of training and been fortunate enough to be vastly wealthy. Being trapped on an island where your humanity is tested, certainly can ground you and get your life into perspective.

But now with the Flash crossover

Meta- Humans are now a part of the Arrow's universe, how will Oliver deal with this new threat? How will fans react to the Arrow show taking a slight deviation from realism? The Mirakuru giving it's host unrivaled strength was as far as we've strayed before!

I personally can't wait to see what they do from here on in, the cross-over episodes was one of the best!

The changes throughout the series allows us to see Oliver change from a hooded killer vigilante into a honest hero looking to do the best he can. Carrying the responsibility of defending Starling City, training his subordinates & keeping up with the Oliver Queen lifestyle, he still finds time to crack a joke or two and remind us that the toughest battles are the ones in our minds.

2. The Character Pool Is As Deep As It Is Wide.

Great casting for the most part!
Great casting for the most part!

With such a diverse team of people, the show makes great use of them all. There are only certain characters I feel don't have enough back story for you to fall in love with them, but that may come in seasons to come.

Each character has been given a great back story shown through the program and I've never felt like I've wanted to know more as I have been given just enough to keep you wanting to see what happens next but not so little that you can develop no attachment to characters.

The moment of seeing Roy for the first time in a red hoodie just put me on the edge of my seat, I couldn't wait for the Arsenal story arc. Merlyn is being done beautifully by John Barrowman, I really couldn't care what anyone says about that, my only comment is he needs more screen time and he needs to be more brutal. Bringing in all the favorites of Deathstroke, Canary, Deadshot etc.

We even heard a little voice of Harley in Argus!
We even heard a little voice of Harley in Argus!

They just have done it in the right way. I don't feel that they brought in any character just for the TV air time, it has all been a fluid story and over arching where they need too creating a truly dynamic show.

3. John Diggle Just Sells It.

The unspoken hero of the show!
The unspoken hero of the show!

John Diggle, where do I even begin. This is truly the unspoken hero! The amount of times he has kept Oliver from doing something stupid or saved his life is immeasurable. Strong, Loyal and Experienced the show portrays Diggle in all his glory.

The thing I admire the most though is this, he is so caring and compassionate. In a nitty gritty world that is the DC universe and Starling City, John is always their to support his friends and family. A voice to talk Oliver out of his tormented mind and an ear to listen to any woe's that befall his comrades. Having his brother murdered by Deadshot & being an army vet. How is this guy still rolling forward with such a smile on his face!?

He doesn't need a hood or a bow, he doesn't even need a cool code name. This is a man that shows strong convictions and a strong love for his family and friends that we could all aspire to be like.

David Ramsey, I tilt my hat to you sir, you have brought a great light to a great character.


What is it that you love most about The Arrow? Comment below any thoughts!


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