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This winter we are graced with the presence of a film that has a superlative cast, familiar story and such imaginative depth in the film Seventh Son starring Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore, Dijmon Hansou and new comer Ben Barnes. However who stands out to me is not the star of this film, but the supporting character that Jeff Bridges portrays and has portrayed many times. Let's look at all the times Jeff Bridges was instead Mr. Bridges, the teacher?


Let's start from the beginning, Jeff Bridges, who plays Kevin Flynn in Tron and Tron Legacy, shows the struggle of becoming an apprentice, then becomes the master - or in this case teacher - for the next generation. After having to take over for Tron and watch over the Grid from afar, his own son became his pupil and successor to save the Grid from Jeff Bridges (Well at least from never aging creepy Jeff Bridges)? I say this course would definitely be apart of your Doctoral statement.

The Teacher Dude

Although there was no direct student/teacher relationship shown. However, we as the students of Bridges learned how not to botch a money drop off, properly toss ashes of a loved one in the sea and being finally able to identify a person just by their detached digit. Not a curriculum I would sign up for. I think this would be more of an elective (did I mention you also get to see a young Julianne Moore before The Seventh Son?).

Gym teacher, Jeff Bridges, gets you R.I.P.D.

If you are looking for more of a physical class to stimulate your body and mind, you probably want to have R.I.P.D. Jeff Bridges as your Gym coach. As a young Ryan Reynolds you learn about the importance of life and death and how love can even surpass death. So, if you are looking for more physicality than intellectual conversation, this class may be your first choice .

Also, if one wants, there are other physical training courses that are honorable mentions. Such as, Mr. Bridges teaches Gymnastics in the movie Stick It, or surfing, like his character that he voiced in Surf's Up.

Sorcerers ...I mean Spook's Apprentice

For my persona, I like a teacher with a bit of everything. Which is the type of teacher Jeff Bridges is, as the supporting character known as Gregory in [The Seventh Son](movie:45869). In the film, the main character Tom Ward (Ben Barnes) - as they state several times throughout the movie - becomes a "Spook's Apprentice" (also the title of the novel the movie was adapted from) and follows Jeff Bridges through his knowledge of mystical lore, combat, spirituality, love, and comedy. This is one type of teaching that would be exciting and well-rounded for someone like myself.

Make sure to catch Seventh Son in theaters today.


What Jeff Bridges teacher/class would you take?


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