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When it comes to moderately pre-planned awesomeness, there aren't too many people out there better at it than Chris Evans (A.K.A. Captain America) and Chris Pratt (A.K.A. Star-Lord). After all, they did just spend the whole Super Bowl raising awareness - and presumably a butt-load of money - for children's hospitals via a magnificently adorable bet.

Now, though - Just when you thought Chris Evans and Chris Pratt's Super Bowl awesomeness had reached its absolute limit - they've only gone and added yet another layer of bad-assery.

Specifically, the Avengers: Age of Ultron and Guardians of the Galaxy-heading stars teamed up with Jimmy Fallon to photobomb a whole lot of people...

And, Sure, a Whole Lot of That Was Awesome...

Especially the Sandwich...

And, of Course, the Threeway Piggyback

But There Can Be Only One Winner

And It's Definitely the Fact That Chris Evans is Able to Leap-Frog a Standing Chris Pratt

Because honestly, how could anything be more awesome than watching Captain America leap-frog Star-Lord?

Well... You Tell Us!

Source: GeekTyrant


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