ByLauren Pennington, writer at

Middle Schools and High schools alike in parts of Kanawha County, West Virginia are going paperless. Cedar Grove middle school are due to get IPads in early March this year and will slowly stop writing on paper. Of course some people might think this as a good thing but I can argue with this.

Children already aren't participating as much as earlier years, they already have an IPad or a tablet. Now I'm not complaing here, my tablet is my source of books, music and all around entertainment. But Riverside highschool students already received their IPads earlier this year. But could it be that is going to far.

If everything plans out we won't be writing on paper anymore in fact, we will only be typing. They have already stopped teaching Cursive writing in some areas but if we go as far as giving IPads to students instead of having them write the students won't even know how to write.

Sure it saves on paper but not on our knowledge. If you think differently tell me about it in the comments.


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