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When it comes to Marvel's comic-book heroes, there're few who inspire such blind and unwavering devotion as Daredevil. He has, over the years, grown into a true fan-favorite, and a beacon of gritty, complex storytelling in a Marvel Universe more used to epic space crossovers.

On screen, though, he's so far been a little hard done by - with his first movie outing receiving a pretty spectacular critical mauling by both reviewers and fans.

Now, though, he's finally on his way back to our screens, in a Ben Affleck-less Netflix series - and today, we get a chance to see him in action.


And, best of all, it features...

Suitably Hunky Matt Murdock

After all, he does spend a whole lot of time in the comics having people lust after him. On a similar note, anyone worried about - the distinctly British - Charlie Cox's accent can probably rest easy...

A Glimpse of Daredevil's 'Vision'

Either that, or the show is taking shaky-cam to a whole other level...

Karen Page!

As played by Deborah Ann Woll with exactly the sort of troubled air comic-book fans will be expecting...

Foggy Nelson!

As played by Elden Henson, looking far more serious than his likely role as Murdock's best friend/comic relief would suggest...


As played by Scott Glenn, with about the exact amount of seriousness you'd expect from Daredevil's soon-to-be mentor...

The Kingpin!

Or, at least, Vincent D'Onofrio's back... We may not see too much of the series' big bad villain for a while yet...

The Night Nurse

Or, at least, Rosario Dawson's Claire Temple, who seems likely to become the MCU version of The Night Nurse (who, in the comics, is the go-to healer for New York's superhero fraternity).

Signs That Daredevil's Red Suit Might Not Appear For a While

It sure doesn't look like we're going to be seeing his iconic costume in the first half of the season...

But, on the plus side...

The Black Suit Looks Strikingly Like His Usual Costume

Just look at that silhouette!

And, finally...

It Looks Like Daredevil and The Kingpin are Going to Go Toe-to-Toe

Or is that mysterious blurred figure someone else entirely?

And all of that? It looks pretty darned excellent to me... Bring on April 10th!

What do you guys think, though? Excited for Daredevil's release? Spotted anything I've missed? Wondering why we haven't seen anyone in particular?



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