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The first images from Poltergeist (2015) are here and it's looking like a lot of the same things from the original are happening again. I'm someone that loves the original, it's creepy, it's creative, gory and really works as a whole movie about a house haunted by angry spirits. I was annoyed when I heard a remake was happening, because to me, it's a movie that doesn't need to be remade. I was also a bit worried with the director and writer they picked...

Director Gil Kenan has only directed children's movies before, but I do have a bit of trust in him after seeing his animation smash hit, Monster House. For a kid's film that movie has some creepy vibes and is a lot of fun. Hopefully he brings something good to the table with this remake.

Writer David Lindsay-Abaire has also only written children's movies before, but they are ones that have also had emotional moments and creepy undertones. So, there is a bit of hope here, because a lot of horror remakes we've had over the years have been incredibly pointless and just plain bad. Let's just hope this isn't one of them.

Gil Kenan did have this to say about the remake:

“Whenever someone approaches material that’s so beloved, there’s a reflexive reaction to be worried. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously. We’re working to make a Poltergeist film that lives up to the original’s legacy.
The original film commented on how we’ve let television get out of control, babysitting our kids. It’s only gotten worse with the handheld portable devices. Screens are everywhere.
The film is super-scary. And it’s scary on its own terms. I am excited to finally be able to share that with the world."

From these first images it looks like a lot of the same things from the original will be happening in a lot of the same way. Some fright-inducing clown will be popping in for a visit again, too. Oh, just great. Sam Rockwell playing the father is also a huge positive, as I feel like he will bring something good to the entire feel. I'm going to set my expectations low for now... but I am quite interested after seeing these first images.

[Poltergeist](movie:24860) (2015) will be released July 24th in the US and July 31st in the UK.



How do you feel about these images, are you excited?


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