ByShalynn McCallum, writer at

the young woman Crept along the dreary walkway. She could hear screams from beyond the corner. What had once been her home was in ruin. She kept low trying to blend into the rubble. She made her way to the wearhouse where the survivors made refuge.

She found a large upstairs window open. She scaled up to it and stepped inside. She heard a squeek and curled up under the window. A very large white rat scurried out from a stack of books. It had red eyes and blood seeped out of the giant bite on its back. It flopped over dead. Four bloody pouches oozed out of it and began to wiggle.

The young woman jumped up without a thought and stomped the pouches. She had seen the large rat babies before and wouldn't let them breed further. The babies could be controlled however the dog sized adults were fearsome.

She climbed down the latter and disappeared behind a stack of large truck tires. She wandered back behind a stack of desks and chairs. She began her climb to the vent. Stopping only once to squish more pouches. She began to shimmy through the vent. She could hear some women talking about opening the door and just ending it all. She continued on as she heard the large door open and the women scream.

It was a good 15 minuets before she came across a familiar voice. Her boyfriends father was talking to his wife. About how they'd find their daughter.

Climbing out of the vent she was relived. Her boyfriends parents glared at her. They blamed her for his death. She began to speak when their daughters screams echoed down the hall. Her mother ran after workout thought. The father gave the young woman a cold look and ran after slamming the large door shut behind him.

The young woman stood there for another twenty minutes until she heard their Screams through the vent. She looked at the door knowing she had to keep moving. However she just stood there immobilized by fear.


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