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Ladies and gentleman! After yesterdays super short teaser-teaser-trailer, Marvel has released the full teaser trailer for all of our enjoyments! It looks absolutely great! Check it out below!

Amazing right?! Much better than the minuscule trailer we got yesterday. It gives us a much better look at Matt Murdock and the city as well. The first thing you'll definitely notice about this show is that is dark! Like, really dark! At least, as far as Marvel productions go recently. A big thing about the MCU that a lot of folks have a problem with is that it's too campy. While I enjoy the comedy-oriented formula that Marvel's using, even I can agree that it was high-time they got a more serious superhero in the mix.

And what better hero than Matt Murdock? His tragic story simply cannot be taken likely! For those who don't know, Matt Murdock was a regular human being, until one day, as a child he was blinded by radioactive waste while trying to save a man about to get ran over by a truck containing the waste material. Though he was permanently blind, his other senses heightened to superhuman sharpness, giving him an ability known as "radar sense" which allows him to hear everything around him (whether near or far) and even get a sharply accurate mental image in his head. He became the hero [Daredevil](movie:47230) and protects the city of Hell's Kitchen!

Another thing you'll notice is the awesome 'Man Without Fear' inspired costume that Daredevil is wearing in the trailer.

I hope he keeps this costume on for the whole show, but there's a good chance he'll don the traditional red threads at some point in time. I like that costume too, but MWF suit definitely matches the tone this show is going for! Now, in my short sort of breakdown of the mini teaser-trailer yesterday, I mentioned Arrow a bit. This show is definitely doing the opposite of what Arrow is doing. Daredevil is taking a character who's last live-action appearance wasn't very true to the character and making him more serious while Arrow is taking a funny and joke-cracking character and straying a bit away from his true persona. Again, nothing against Stephen Amell's Arrow, love the show and the character!

Though I can totally see how some might draw similarities between the two shows, they both have a similar tone and premise. A scarred vigilante protects his home city no matter what the cost! Even if he has to, I don't know, throw a guy out of a building onto a car!

"Sorry about that! Do you have State Farm?
"Sorry about that! Do you have State Farm?

The trailer definitely has me psyched to see the show. Luckily, all episodes will be available on Netflix on April 10th! Unluckily, ALL episodes will be available on Netflix on April 10th! Proving once more that Netflix wants me to develop a binge-watching disorder.


What did you think of the trailer?


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