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If you have not seen the 'Daredevil' trailer yet....... WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?! Just kidding. Anyway, it was pretty badass, to say the least. In fact, I'm so nice I will put it right here for you guys to watch again...and again...and again. I've watched it so many times, and every time it's better!

OK, so have you seen it? Isn't it amazing? But let's cut to the chase and talk about this amazing teaser trailer:

Matt Murdock's Monologue

The monologue in this trailer is absolutely epic. Everyone knows the monologue from Arrow and The Flash, and both do pretty good jobs at that (though the fact that they are almost exactly the same thing, which kind of puts a minus on creativity). But this....this was dark. See, Arrow and The Flash are great shows, and Arrow really tries to be a dark show, but both are not really that dark. I'm willing to bet Age of Ultron will be much darker than Arrow, but that is just my two cents. Anyway, the monologue was really good. I've been preoccupied with questions of morality. This is one of the things Marvel has really been pushing with this show: sometimes we won't always be rooting for Matt Murdock. Sometimes we might even want The Kingpin (Vincent D'Onofrio is a WIN) to get the upper hand.

The Trailer itself

The action in this trailer is absolutely amazing, given the fact that they said everything is 100% real (stunts of course, duh) with no CGI to mess it up (Star Wars prequels I'm looking at YOU). There is some intense fighting,

Daredevil wacking the absolute crap out of this guy
Daredevil wacking the absolute crap out of this guy

Ridiculous amounts of blood,

Did Karen Page kill someone?!
Did Karen Page kill someone?!

Some type of "deal"

Maybe they work for the Kingpin
Maybe they work for the Kingpin

That's just a little bit of what was in the trailer. The trailer was dark, that's for sure.

I'm calling it now: this will be the darkest superhero show, period. Not Arrow, Not Gotham (though I love both)

If we learn anything from the trailer, we learn that this is a much darker Marvel than we have seen so far. Even darker than DC's stuff (yes, including the Dark Knight Trilogy). Everything else that has been "dark" has seemed so polished. This is gritty. This is down to earth. This is what many fans (in what I have seen, partly DC fans) have been screaming at Marvel for. And this is what Marvel did. This trailer was so dark it makes Winter Soldier look like Sesame Street (though that was a great film). This looks like it is going to revolutionize Marvel, and with the MCU possibly taking a darker (but still fun) path in Phase Three (I still don't get how they are going to do that with a talking RACCOON!!!!), this might be the start of something BIG. And from the looks of things, this show might be here to stay.


Did you like the 'Daredevil' trailer??

P.S.: For everyone who still thinks there wasn't a Grey Hulk in the Age of Ultron TV spot, check this out:

A guy on Hitfix paused it at just the right moment.......


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