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Olivia Wilde is making her first foray into horror, and I can't promise you'll ever look at her the same way again.

[The Lazarus Effect](movie:956553) dropped its first trailer a month ago, and the resurrection tale gone awry announced itself as a major entry into horror. The movie follows the experiments of Zoe (Olivia Wilde) and Frank (Mark Duplass), medical students and lovers who are working to make advancements in bringing back the dead. When one test goes horribly wrong and ends up electrocuting Zoe, the team decides to use their newfound method on her. What comes back is not exactly what they bargained for.

Now that we've got the second trailer, we can take an even deeper look into Zoe's descent into evil. The new trailer breaks down her resurrection into scientific phases (because, duh, medical students love organization almost as much as they love playing God). Unfortunately for them, Zoe quickly reveals that she is no longer the same girl she once was and turns on her former friends.

Check out the full trailer below to see exactly what happens when you mess with death.

Let's take a page out of their book (though, don't go pursuing necromancy now), and get a closer look at what is happening to the reborn Zoe.

Phase 1: Confusion

When she returns from the dead, Zoe experiences some understandable confusion about what happened to her and where she is now. Quickly, however, that simple confusion turns to full-blown paranoia, and she begins seeing visions of burning hallways and hands grabbing her in her sleep. Are these all in her head, or real side effects of her resurrection?

Phase 2: Adaptation

Mark comments that Zoe's "brain is creating new neural pathways," meaning her mind is rapidly changing due to the effects of her death. She starts gaining telekinetic powers and potentially a split personality. While in normal circumstances this would be incredible, Zoe loses control.

Phase 3: Aggression

After doing a series of tests, Mark decides that he can't predict what Zoe is capable of. Luckily, I can, and the outcome he's looking for is "cold-blooded terror."

Phase 4: Murder

Zoe starts killing the people that resurrected her, the same people who were her friends and colleagues. But is it really Zoe, or is she being taken over by a force that she brought back from the other side?

After watching both trailers, I have to admit that it seems like they're giving away an awful lot of the death scenes. As an optimist, I've got to wonder if there's a major twist or another unexpected plot device that I'm totally missing. The simple premise opens up so many doors into ethical and psychological questions that have the kind of power to haunt you way after the credits close, and I'm still hopeful The Lazarus Effect will explore just that.

Are you more pumped than ever to see Olivia Wilde give in to evil in The Lazarus Effect?


Did the second trailer give too much away?


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