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Brandon Routh's portrayal of Ray Palmer on the CW's [Arrow](series:720988) (and most recently, [The Flash](series:1068303)) has delighted fans for some time now, and his inevitable destiny as The Atom has had fans speculating for just as long. After making Moviepilot headlines earlier this week with the discovery of his screen test for McG and J.J. Abrams' cancelled Superman: Flyby film, Routh returns with the reveal of his long-awaited superhero persona.

The costume strays from it's source material, but that hardly takes away from how awesome it is. The A.T.O.M. Exosuit trades up from the conventional spandex of The Atom to a more armored, realistic version of the hero's outfit, fitting well with Ray Palmer's access to armored tech and tons of cash.

Part supersuit, part something-I-would-wear-for-roller-derby, The Atom's new costume will be seen in action for the first time in the upcoming 15th episode of the season, "Nanda Parbat." He'll go on to take part in the 18th episode of The Flash, "All-Star Team-Up."


What do you think of the new A.T.O.M. exosuit?


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