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A movie about fairies, spells, and sleeping beauties, I talk about the movie Maleficent.

Now, before getting started, this is my opinion, and I shall be honest with every word I write. I expect you to respect my opinion as I do for you.

[Maleficent](movie:39352) was a great movie, no doubt at all. However, I have to just wonder...


Why was it such a great movie? I mean, come on... The original story had her being played out as the villain. Sleeping Beauty was already so good. Why did we have to make a movie about someone, who was originally the villain, being the heroine?

Can she really be called a Disney Villain anymore?

To be honest, I liked her more on the villain side. It made her, well, her! If I were to go dress up and go to a 2nd grade class as Maleficent, the class would get excited instead of feeling...the opposite.

Living through my childhood, I remember watching Disney movies, those especially about Disney princesses. I remember watching Sleeping Beauty and thinking, "Wow. That chick is really evil."

But, what should I think of her now?

I say that Maleficent should be kept evil. I mean, when Angelina Jolie was cursing little Aurora with her spell, it was clear that Jolie could be evil. And, hey, I think the movie would've been better if Maleficent was the villain.

Wouldn't it be interesting?


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