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It's a pretty well-known fact that a movie doesn't need to be long to be good. This is especially true when it comes to short films. The following films don't need 120 minutes to pack a punch or land some serious support from famous leads.

1. The Ventriloquist (2012)

Starring: Kevin Spacey

Directed by: Benjamin Leavitt

This 2012 winning script of Kevin Spacey's annual Trigger Street Productions' Jameson First Shot short film competition is just another example of K-Space being a phenomenal actor.

The Ventriloquist follows the introverted Frank (Spacey) and his loudmouthed dummy Mr. Higgins who always ends up speaking on Frank's behalf.

2. Aspirational (2014)

Starring: Kirsten Dunst

Directed by: Matthew Frost

At just over two and a half minutes, this film is brief but extremely poignant. Kirsten Dunst plays herself in this production from Matthew Frost and VS magazine. It will leave you questioning the way we treat each other and whether social media is actually making us more social.

3. Gregory Go Boom (2013)

Starring: Michael Cera

Directed by: Janicza Bravo

Gregory Go Boom features Michael Cera playing a wheelchair-bound young man who finds that he, and the people he chooses to surround himself with, may be facing issues that are more than physical.

I'm warning you now, if you think you've seen Cera act awkward before, this tops it all, in a good way. This shocking and controversial film won Director Janicza Bravo Sundance’s top prize for short films.

4. Dust (2014)

Starring: Alan Rickman and Jodie Whittaker

Directed by: Ben Ockrent and Jake Russell

I don't want to give too much away regarding this story as the film is so short, but it has a pretty freaky twist ending. Alan Rickman is haunting and you'll want to scream, "Pay attention!" to Jodie Whittaker's character the whole six and a half minutes.

5. Writer’s Block (2012)

Starring: Bryan Cranston

Directed by: Brandon Polanco

Much like Cranston's [Breaking Bad](series:200567) character Walter White, his role in Writer's Block will leave you questioning what you saw and his level of intent throughout.

Writer's Block was filmed three hours after winning a competition that Cranston put on while filming for his movie Cold Comes The Night to start up again following Hurricane Sandy. He had the production assistance on set write up short films, and whichever one he liked best they would make. And from unfortunate weather conditions and some talented PAs, Writer's Block was born.

6. Bargain (2009)

Starring: Rebel Wilson

Directed by: Rachel Givney

This one is from long before we saw Rebel Wilson show of her comedic acting in big films like Bridesmaids and [Pitch Perfect](movie:589160). Bargain was produced for Tropfest Australia back in 2009.

This one also has a twist ending, but this one is pretty damn funny. Just goes to show that comedians like Wilson don't need a big budget to work a scene.

7. Castello Cavalcanti (2013)

Starring: Jason Schwartzman

Directed by: Wes Anderson

The minute you see the name Wes Anderson, you kind of know what you're going to see from a stylistic standpoint. This is no exception, but that's not a bad thing!

Castello Cavalcanti is about Jason Schwartzman's character who crashes into a small Italian town by chance, that happens to be his ancestral grounds.

8. A Film About Walking in Slow Motion (2011)

Starring: Bill Murray

Directed by: David Walton Smith

Well, the title pretty much gives this one away. The story behind this is that Smith and friends met the elusive Bill Murray while filming a commercial together for Murray's daughter's school. Instead of an autograph, Smith asked Murray if he would let him film them walking down a hallway and just...put it in slow motion.

Whether this really counts as a short film of just another day in the life of being awesome for Bill Murray, I'm not entirely sure. It's entertaining either way.

While I love watching each of these actors at length, it's great knowing that they're so talented they don't need a ton of time to convey such strong emotions and themes.

If you have any favorite short films, whether or not they're starring A-List actors, let me know in the comments section so that we can


Which of these short films was your favorite?

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