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Ok all! This is my first post to MOVIEPILOT and I have a conundrum!!!

I have successfully made it through the seasons TWICE now!! (Don't be suprised if I watch them AGAIN....and again....and get the idea) After watching seasons One through three I attempted to start book one "A Game of Thrones" but being SO similar to the show it didn't hold my attention.

I WANT to read them. I NEED to read them. So here is my I pick up where season 4 left off, or do I start from the beginning?

I am a reader at heart, but since starting my own business, having 2 young children, etc, etc, books tend to fall on my face at night (if you get my drift!) My last attempt at reading was Dr. Sleep and after 150 pages, or so, I still had no clue what I was reading because I could only get a page-and-a-half in at a time!!! However, I have reached that dire need to read again, and I WANT to read this series!

So, for my first post, I need all of you readers to help me decide whether I pick up from where they left off, or do I start from the very beginning.

At first thoughts, I want to pick up from where we left off, because I am impulsive and impatient....but the severe addict in me needs to know EVERYTHING!!!!

I leave it to you....the experts....


Do I read Game of Thrones from the beginning, or pick up where we left off???


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