ByTimothy Mullins, writer at

This is Daredevil, the kind of blind superhero. And this looks like a great show coming out, but I have a problem, and so does some other people. We, the unlucky ones, don't have Netflix. This might look like an odd form of Daredevil. black instead of red.


But this show looks spectacular, I almost like him better than Batman, I did say I almost. Daredevil is, kind of, blind and he is strong and a fighter. He has an advantage over Batman though, but still. Daredevil does look cool, and the trailer looks great too.

I liked the Ben Affleck, Daredevil. He was a great, in my opinion, actor for Daredevil, and I can't wait until this series comes out so I can check it out.


What do you think of the upcoming Netflix Series?


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