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Fellow contributor, Jack Reneau and I have been thinking and toying around with the idea of Re-Releasing the original trilogy post the release of The Force Awakens. A couple weeks prior to the release of Episode 7, Disney should put out a wide release of Episode 4, 5 and 6. This would not only generate even more buzz, it will be fairly cheap and it has the possibility of making a good amount of money.

People have always been envious of people who got to see the original Star Wars trilogy in theaters. Most of the newer generation of Star Wars fans were too young to fully appreciate seeing the prequels in theaters. If you ask 10 people who saw any of the original trilogy movies what their favorite Star Wars experience was, all 10 of them would be about those viewings. If Disney were to re-release the original trilogy in theaters, it would allow the younger generations of Star Wars fans to achieve that dream.

With the sheer size of the screen and surround sound, you could fly with the Rebels through the Death Star trench, you could scour the desert for R2-D2. As for the longtime fans who saw the movies when they first came out, the opportunity to see them in that format again would be a major nostalgia trip. Some might say that a big-screen tv at home has the same effect, but I beg to differ. There's a certain magic about seeing a movie in theaters, some effect that simply can't be achieved anywhere else. In a theater you can truly fly among the stars, and both old and new fans alike could make memories that will last a lifetime.

The nostalgia and having the younger generation is great, but lets look at it from Disney's perspective. They want to make money, they want to ensure that going about this will make a profit. There is very little chance this will fail. Like it has been said, the generations who weren't able to have the spectacular opportunity will surely want to take it without a doubt. The same for the people who have seen it, their nostalgia will bring them back, in hordes.

If Disney did a wide release, it won't cost a whole lot. Many people will go and see this, it will create a lot of heat for Ep. 7. People will spend their money, along with us, to be able to witness this. Disney will make shit ton of money, The Force Awakens might not be able to compete with the profits.

But what about the people who only planned on seeing The Force Awakens? Or who only have the money to see 1 movie? Well that is a problem, but I think the cost of the ticket should be a couple dollars cheaper. It should be as well, its not like people have never seen these movies before. So a 2-3 dollars cheaper is more than fair.

Just think about seeing that on the big screen, how amazing would that feel. All the chills that people will receive will be astronomical.

Thank you for your time, Jack and I want to hear what you readers think. Do you think this a wise decision? A bad one? What are your thoughts and concerns? Thank you, and May the Force be with you... Always.


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