ByHelene Karp, writer at
Helene Karp

Who doesn't love that adorable after school special called 'Boy Meets World'? Odds are, you probably grew up with Cory, Topanga, and Shawn and loved every minute of it. You've probably also heard that there's a new spin-off series by Disney called 'Girl Meets World' that centers around Cory and Topanga's adorable daughter and her best friend.

Since the start of 'Girl Meets World', various original cast members have made an appearance such as Shawn, Mr. and Mrs. Matthews, and even that loveable Mr. Feeny. Well now it's time to add two more all-star cast members to the list! Trina McGee and Blake Clark, or better known as Angela Moore and Chet Hunter, are supposed to be joining the cast for a special appearance sometime in the near future.

What are they going to do with Chet's character in this new series? Since the character died during the original show, he'll most likely be making an appearance in flashbacks and memories. As for Angela, does she return from Europe where she was spending time with her father? Is there a future for her and Shawn? Watch 'Girl Meets World' on Disney Channel to find out!


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