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Astro Boy, a name as old as time. Astro Boy is known for introducing the western world to Anime/Manga, with its creator Osamu Tezuka being credited for influencing the many different Anime and Anime-related productions we have today! But with something so great as Astro Boy, you just know there's going to be excessive milking of the franchise! From sequel series to videogames to a pretty good but not that much noteworthy 2009 animated feature, Astro Boy is never going to be forgotten! Case in point, his debut was all the way back in the 1950s! This guy is as much a Japanese/American household name as Godzilla!

Sadly, this is fanart. Not the film of the century.
Sadly, this is fanart. Not the film of the century.

So it comes to no surprise that a new film is in the works! What is surprising, is that this one is going to be live-action! Yep, real people are going to be in this film! And in case you're thinking that the people will be live-action and Astro will be animated, like in The Smurfs, nope! Astro himself will be live-action, too! I can already here the fan-casters typing up their choices to play the young hero!

Dylan O'Brien as Astro! Dylan O'Brien as everyone!
Dylan O'Brien as Astro! Dylan O'Brien as everyone!

Animal Logic, the special effects studio that's worked on 300, Iron Man 3, The LEGO Movie and more is working on the film. It'll be their first feature film and honestly, they couldn't have picked a better choice. Not only is Astro Boy a well-known name spanning across generations (ask my grandfather, my father and my six-year-old little brother and they will all know who Astro Boy is), but he's also a superhero. And as we all know, superheroes are where the money is at! The fact that he's not a big-time superhero like Iron Man or Batman might have been a problem, if Guardians of the Galaxy hadn't showed us that we will practically see anything involving superheroes. Yes I know, they had the Marvel logo slapped on 'em.

But The LEGO Movie didn't and we all saw that. We all saw a movie about LEGOS! LEGOS, GUYS! We all saw a film with a plot based on a toy that's primary objective is to teach kids to ignore plots and instructions and creatively come up with your own adventures! And we all just knew it was going to be loaded with product placement (mainly, you know, LEGO)! Yet we still saw it. Why? Because it's, more or less, a superhero film!

Besides the obvious reason that some of its characters were literally superheros, The LEGO Movie just had all the necessary elements for an action-adventure superhero film. Then, of course, there's Big Hero 6, we all know why that succeeded...

Pixar Animation + Marvel =

Anyway, of course we're going to go see the Astro Boy film! I will say that the live-action thing they're doing might scare away a few faithful fans... but the producer, Zareh Nalbandian, seems to think the film will do alright:

“We’ve seen him as a manga, an anime and an animated movie but we’ve never seen him as a live-action movie or him as a superhero… We want to make it aspirational but not soft… We actually see him in the same league as an Iron Man.”

I think the film will do pretty well. Let's just hope they choose a different costume...

Yeah..don't think that'd transfer well to L-A...
Yeah..don't think that'd transfer well to L-A...

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