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An Auckland couple Kurt and Rachel (who asked that their last names weren't revealed on social media) have learnt just how seriously the New Zealand police take perceived armed threats, in what is quite possibly the most embarrassing way possible.

The couple were having lunch together last Tuesday, when they saw a group of young men on the train tracks, so they decided that they'd have a laugh and stare at them from the distance, dressed similarly to characters from 2013's 'The Purge'.

We were just having lunch, and we saw the boys on the train tracks and thought, 'they are not supposed to be on the tracks, so let's scare them!'
We had some old masks lying around from Halloween and a plastic gun that shoots those little rubber darts and were just having a laugh.
They were laughing, too.

Unbeknown to Kurt and Rachel, the group they had just pranked were actually film students working in the area, who captured the act on film, and reported them to the local police. An Armed Defenders Squad was quickly dispatched into the area to locate the couple.

It wasn't until the video of the couple went viral two days later that Kurt and Rachel realised that the police didn't find their joke quite so funny.

It's a bit crazy, as soon as we saw it we thought, we better call the cops because this is ridiculous.
We are not psycho killers ... people thought we were murderers or drug dealers, but the masks are from the $2 shop.
So we understand we did a stupid thing, but just didn't know it would turn into this.

Do you feel sorry for this couple, or were they in the wrong? Tell me your thoughts in the comments section below!

(Source: NZ Herald)


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