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A while back, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson confirmed his official casting as Black Adam, the pivotal antagonist of DC and WB's planned [Shazam](movie:738107) film. The internet exploded, Johnson kept posting fan-made manipulations of his likeness as Black Adam, and for a moment, we all united over one distinct baddie.

Since then, fans have been pouring out their love onto paper with incredible fan art and photo manipulations. Black Adam (read: Dwayne Johnson) has a supportive and loving fan base, so it's no surprise that these pieces seem to have been created with extra care in mind.

Cover Remake by BossLogic

Black Adam shows Shazam who's boss in this cover re-make. The original image depicted Black Adam lording over many more unconscious bodies, as the cover of "52" issue 45.

Black Adam, Cinematic Style by George Evagelista

With a piece that reminds me a lot of the cinematic Superman that we've seen floating around for [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870), the artist creates an ominous look at Black Adam.

A Towering Villain by bagoflimbs

The artist seems to mesh the real-life facial characteristics of Dwayne Johnson to the classic look of Black Adam. Seeing these early takes on his film appearance keeps me guessing at what changes will eventually come to the design for the film.

Can You Smell What Black Adam is Cookin'? by Sparkypants McGee

The artist combines a signature shot of The Rock with Black Adam's design for a great shot!

Just Say The Word by Mauricio Abril

Rounding this out is one of my favorite artists, Mauricio Abril. This detailed and beautiful take on Black Adam obviously belongs in a frame on my wall!

With most of DC's future projects up in the air, fans have plenty of time to speculate and sketch out their take on Black Adam as we eagerly await The Rock's very "super" debut.


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