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Marvel and Star Wars—the biggest names in pop culture! Both have spawned lovable characters, storylines and mythos that are still expanding today! They've shaped their own worlds, to the point where we now call them "universes." Yes the characters and stories may be fictional, but the universes they've constructed are all very real to fans. When you look at Han Solo or Iron Man, you know in your mind that these guys don't exist in your world, but you treat them like they exist in some different dimension, which they do.

The worlds of Marvel and Star Wars have made themselves so large that they're considered actual, functional, albeit fictional, universes! I mean, there are history books and encyclopedias pertaining to these franchises! An actual University is offering a course on how Marvel movies have shed insight on modern culture!

Stay in school...OR HULK SMASH YOUR GRADES!!!
Stay in school...OR HULK SMASH YOUR GRADES!!!

It's clear that these franchises are here to stay! Even if films based on superheroes and space operas become boring, they still have tons of other forms of media to be successful in! And with Disney, a huge company with billions of dollars and credibility on their side, there's absolutely no way they could ever disappear! So what's next for these two media powerhouses? Well, some fans would love it if the next big step in growing these respectable universes—would be to conjoin them.

These two universes already do well enough on their own, so imagine the possibilities if they came together, if only for a bit! We could have ' [Deadpool](movie:38663) and Boba Fett: Bounty Hunters!' or perhaps Yoda and Hulk can come together as two mean, green fighting machines! But how would it work? How could Marvel, LucasFilms and, because they're bound to have a part in it, Disney figure out a suitable way to bring these two worlds together? As much as we love saying it, we would not enjoy it if they just took a bunch of characters from each franchise and threw them together. We need reasoning! A plot! We can't just have some random Marvel/SW adventure! It has to make sense! Unless they just throw Deadpool and Boba Fett together, then we don't really care what happens.

This summer, Deadpool and Boba take on Disneyland!
This summer, Deadpool and Boba take on Disneyland!

What are the plot possibilities?

So what plausible plot could possibly put together our perfect powerhouse pairing? What could Disney do to bring both of their acquired franchises together, without it being too much? Well, let's see.

For one thing, we already know that Marvel and Star Wars are willing to work together, as seen by the Marvel published SW comics from 1977-1986 and the more recent ones.

Of course, this is a very low-scale form of working together, not really a crossover; just Marvel publishing the stories of the Star Wars universe. But this at least shows that they know they're playing on the same team. However, it's very clear that these comic books exist in their own universe, separate from other Marvel titles.

But the very fact that these comics exist means that there is a level of trust between LucasArts and Marvel. Just how large that trust is has yet to be determined. Are Marvel and LA willing to bring us the crossover we want? Well, maybe. But perhaps not exactly how we want it.

With Marvel publishing the SW comics again, it's very possible that we'll be getting a Marvel/Star Wars comic event sometime in the future. Comics are the easiest form of media to crossover in. With so many different comic storylines and universes, it's easy to say that this particular crossover is either non-canon or takes place in an alternate or parallel universe. Just look at the times Marvel and DC have crossed paths.

Comic crossovers are far from uncommon

Or the time they actually combined the heroes of both universes together.

Amalgam Comics
Amalgam Comics

And in a crossover no one saw coming/knew they wanted, the X-Men had a run in with the crew of the U.S.S Enterprise!

These were all possible because Marvel and whoever they were crossing over with explained that it was either a non-canon event or that it occurred in a different universe. So when it comes to comics, the possibilities of seeing Dr. Doom and Darth Vader plot to take over the world are very high. I'm surprised it hasn't happened already, come to think of it.

But what about other forms of media? Like say, the television?

Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel and Star Wars eps
Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel and Star Wars eps

Both Marvel and LucasArts have been bought by Disney, a partnership that everyone, including myself dreaded a bit. I was afraid that Disney would try and mix their properties, mainly Disney Channel properties with those of Marvel and Star Wars (I'm a big hater of the current Disney Channel). Luckily, this hasn't happened as much as I feared. But recently, the animated series Phineas and Ferb, one of the few Disney shows I sort of enjoy, have had two crossover episodes; one with the Marvel heroes and another with the world of Star Wars.

This shows that Marvel, Disney and LucasArts are all willing to work together. Though Marvel and Star Wars themselves did not conjoin, they both crossed with their current parent company. This opens up the possibility of a Marvel/Star Wars/ P & F crossover, as these three apparently exist in the same universe. The fact that they all co-exist in the same universe also takes us back to the possibility of alternate universes. Obviously Phineas and Ferb don't exist in either the Marvel or SW universes, but it's possible that the characters we saw in the P & F crossovers were alternate universe versions of the actual ones.

Every time a new comic event ends, it isn't forgotten. It's actually given its own separate "Earth." There are many earths in the Marvel Universe. For instance the main comic book universe is called 'Earth-616' and the MCU is titled 'Earth-199999' and so on and so forth. It's very possible, and more likely, that the villains hanging out with Dr. Doofenshmirtz above are not the villains of the main universe (616) but are similar but still different universe versions. This is how Marvel and Star Wars can get away with crossing over on the small screen.

If they were to make a show about 'Wolverine Versus Chewbacca,' it'd be completely apparent that this either isn't canon in the slightest, or is part of a separate universe. If something like that did happen though, it's more likely that it'd be considered non-canon. Still, this means we could get tons of great animated (or perhaps even non-animated) TV shows and made-for-TV films!

*gazes in awe*
*gazes in awe*

But enough about TV and comic books, those are the easy ones! What about the one medium we REALLY want them to cross paths in? Film.

What about a film crossover?

Unfortunately, this is the hardest place to crossover, at least without commitment. Marvel and Star Wars can't pull the "it's a different universe/it's not really canon" thing in films. Well, in theory they could if they wanted to, but they're smart. They know people pay attention to their universes more in film than they do in anything else, so the non-canon direction ain't gonna fly for anyone. So what can they do?

If Marvel and SW ever truly decide they want to crossover in the film world, to me they've got two ways of going at it. They could go all out and make a Marvel/Star Wars crossover film to make every fan proud! I'm talking one with Iron Man, Captain America, Princess Leia and Darth Vader all in one film! Meeting together at last! But this is quite unlikely for many reasons. One being that this is practically ever comic/sci-fi nerds dream! But it's so glorious that it can only be seen in our eyes as a wishful fairytale, something we want to come true, but we know never will. So if it did, it could actually disappoint us because of how high and unfair our expectations would be for it.

Another reason being that it would cost too much to make and require way to much commitment to both teamwork and storytelling. Companies, contrary to popular belief, don't despise one another and actually enjoy working together from time to time. But that's for small things, not constructing an entire conjoined universe together! The MCU and the SWU are already big enough on their own! The amount of time, money, blood, sweat and tears it would take to not only cross these two over in such a way, but also come up with a successful storyline is just too much! Plus, who gets the most money? Whose universe is it in? Which heroes do we use and who are the villains? It's just too many "whats" and "whos" and "whys" for a film, or even several! So that approach is highly unlikely.

But as seen in the charts above, the worlds of Star Wars and Marvel are noticeably large, to the point where they could be considered infinite. Basically this means that they'll never stop growing. If someone over at Marvel Studios wants to invent a new planet with new characters, all he has to do is put together a team of writers and artists and get started! The same can be said for the people over at LucasArts.

Marvel and Star Wars could work together to create a new team of heroes that exist in both of their universes. A new team of Marvel characters and Star Wars characters that belong to each respective universe, brought together for one awesome movie! But this wouldn't really be considered a true Marvel and Star Wars crossover to some fans and honestly, would just be considered a cash grab.

But, Marvel and Star Wars, as large as their universes are, have tons of characters that have yet to grace our screens. I think that big M and SW should take their lesser-known characters and bring them together on the big screen!

It could work with lesser known characters!


It would be pretty cool to see the Starjammers (above), a team of space pirates take their journeys to the world of Star Wars and encounter characters like Ahsoka Tano or Asajj Ventress, secondary but widely popular characters. It's not like inter-dimensional travel is new or bizarre to either franchise.

Asajj (left) and Ahsoka (right)
Asajj (left) and Ahsoka (right)

Let's face it, we're simply not going to get a huge "Avengers team-up with the rebel alliance" film. At least not any time soon. But with Marvel and Star Wars both under Disney's name currently and both having large and infinitely expansive universes, it's very possible we'll be getting some form of crossover.

So just to break down. Comic crossover? Highly likely! TV crossover? A little less so but still pretty likely. Film crossover? Very limited and unlikely, but in no way impossible; they just have to come up with some inventive ideas. Marvel and LucasArts are very aware that we want them to join forces one day. And I believe that they will. It may not be in the form that everyone wants; but no matter how they do it, it's sure to please!

So if Marvel and SW do cross paths, how would you want to see it done?


How do you want Marvel and Star Wars to crossover?


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