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Dana Lynne Abeln

Latest to trend on Twitter is the hashtag four childhood crushes. I figured this could be a fun little game for our Moviepilot community to write out their own four childhood crushes and post them to Twitter.

So here it goes.

Draco Malfoy

Say what you will, Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton) is attractive in his own way. Add on the bad boy persona and he's overkill. It no wonder people ship Draco with the lovely Hermoine Granger.

Legolas Greenleaf

I'm 100% guilty of this. Being a huge Lord of the Rings fan in general, it didn't hurt to have this lovely elf to look at.

Peter Pan

Whether it was the cartoon or the live action with Jeremy Sumpter. Once again, who could resist the independent rebel? Of course it was cool to think he was cute when I was like...12. Now it would be kind of creepy but this IS for childhood crushes.


Probably the weirdest one on here but, let me explain, as one tweet said, "If you don't have at least one cartoon/animation then you're lying."

So there's mine! What are yours? Let me know below or tweet.


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