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We know that DC has plan for Green Lantern to be a part of their Cinematic Universe. The Emerald Knight saw a major step back in 2011 with blockbuster Green Lantern. What was hoped to be a hit for the studio turn out to be a massive dud as Green Lantern was panned by critics, and did poorly in the box office. It seemed that Green Lantern's future in film was bleak; that was until the announcement of the DC Cinematic Universe last year. As of right now, a new Green Lantern film is expected to hit theaters in 2020; and it is likely that the Emerald Knight will be joining the likes of Superman, Batman and [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) in Justice League. While the details are uncertain at the moment, it may be safe to say that Green Lantern has a future on the big screen.

This new film is a chance for the studio to start fresh with Green Lantern. With the character's story usually dealing in space, having this reboot as a full out sci-fi film would not hurt the movie's chances of being compelling. However, I feel that there is something that could make this reboot very different from its predecessor. If you are fan of Green Lantern, then you know that there is more then one as the character is part of an entire Corps. The purpose of The Green Lantern Corps is to patrol the universe in order to maintain peace; with a Lantern in charge of one sector. Yet lets say that this movie deals with an enemy that threatens the whole galaxy. Oppose to having the movie center on one Green Lantern saving the day, how about it deals with team of Lanterns who can take a dangerous mission that threatens the whole galaxy; and thus the film would be "Green Lanterns".

Now obviously there would have be a main character. Personally I feel that this role will be filled by Hal Jordan; or whichever Lantern is established in [Justice League Part One](movie:401267) (assuming of course that a Green Lantern will be in the JL films). To make things easier, let us just say the that main character is Hal. If Hal is in fact in Justice League, then moviegoers will already have an established character. This would be a good thing as the movie would not need to take the time reintroduce the audience to Hal Jordan. However, that is not to say his origin would not play a role in the film. This does not mean the movie will center on Hal's back story, but rather it could insinuate his origin through either a flashback or just dialogue. This way the film establish can who Green Lantern is without having to go through the annual origin trend that so many superhero movies are known for doing.

As for Hal's team members, there are several ways the movie could pull it off. The film could have Lanterns such as Kilowag or Tomar-Re apart of Hal's team. Yet I feel that to make things really interesting, the reboot should feature the other Green Lantern from Earth; like John Stewart, Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner. I realize touhg that this may change some things as Kyle Rayner gets his ring from Hal; and same goes for newest Green Lantern from Earth: Simon Baz. Then again movies are no stranger to adapting comics differently for the sake of the big screen; so the film could find to have either Rayner or Baz. The point is that this new movie could easily introduce us all the Green Lanterns from sector 2814. There would be some complications such as establishing the characters' origins; but like Hal, it could easily be done by having a quick flashback or just referencing their back stories in the script.

With a team of Green Lanterns the movie has a chance to do something different for not just the character, but the whole DC Cinematic Universe. The movie could captures a primary concept behind the corps, which is that there is more then one Green Lantern. For the film's sake, a team of Green Lanterns could provide interesting dynamics; such as chemistry between the cast and compelling subplots. Though the other thing to figure out is what villain could take on a group of Green Lanterns. Thankfully with likes of the Sinestro Corps, the Red Lanterns or even the Anti Monitor being a part of the Green Lantern's rogue gallery, picking a major threat for a team of Lanterns would actually be easier then you would think.

The world of Green Lantern is massive. There are number of concepts that filmmakers could do that would easily work for a movie. With a new film on the horizon and the superhero genre continuing to evolve, WB and DC should take this opportunity to do something different with the Green Lantern property. I feel that for this reboot to bring an interesting concept to Green Lantern, it should have a team of Lanterns as the main heroes. If it is not a team comprised of the Lanterns from Sector 2814, then it should have a group of Lanterns. This way the film can capture the idea the behind the Green Lantern Corps while bringing a unique element to not just superhero movies, but the sci-fi genre as well.

The Green Lantern reboot is scheduled to hit theaters in 2020.


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