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all through the harry potter books there was twists and easter eggs leading up to the demise of Voldemort but did any of yous pick these facts up?


1 .Rowling said lily would of eventually fallen in love with snape if not for his love for the dark arts

snape should of stayed away from his silly mates

2.Rowling admitted she almost wrote dudley in the epilogue standing on platform 9 3/4 with a magical child

wouldnt that of been a good add to the story of these loving cousins

3. Voldemort cannot love due to being conceived under the effects of a love potion

poor voldemort (tear)

4.Harry made sure snapes photo was hung in hogwarts after the big final battle.

5. the first harry potter book was published in 1998 the same year the battle of hogwarts took place

I open at the close

comment any other facts that i might of missed thanks for reading


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