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So if you have a Twitter or just gaze upon the Twitterscape every once in a while, you'll see that the most recent trend is , because what do we love more than nostalgia right? I'm a huge nostalgic, watching classic shows and films from my childhood in any way I can! I even still have my old PS1 and PS2! So without further ado and in no particular order, here are my four childhood crushes that are sure to bring out the nostalgia in all of us.

BTW: Danica Lynn Albeln started what will hopefully become a fun MP trend! So go read here 4CC's and go list your own as well!

Emma Watson

The Harry Potter series was a HUGE part of my childhood! I had all the books, all the movies and even all of the videogames (unfortunately all of the games except 2 and 4 stopped working..)!

My favorite character wasn't Harry or Ron, but Hermione herself! Simply because she was smart, funny and the most sensible of the three, three factors my egotistical mind insists that I have! Emma Watson does a fantastic job as Hermione Granger and the role catapulted her into my favorite actresses list and into my heart!

Mila Jovovich

As a child, I wasn't the biggest fan of scary movies. But the Resident Evil series was always an exception. There was just something about the blood and gore and zombie brains/eating brains filled films that drew me and my young adolescent, easily-distracted mind to in front of the screen!

It also helped that there was an awesome lady like Mila as the main role. Mila is bad to the bone! While others scream and panic at the sight of the undead, thinking "Oh no! What are we going to do?" she just remains calm and thinks "I'm kind of hungry, should I get Subway or Wendy's?"

Raven Symone

Another big part of my childhood? Disney Channel. Though I HATE with a passion almost all of the content they air now, I'll always tune in when they show reruns of their classic shows, like That's So Raven. That's So Raven was my favorite show on Disney Channel growing up! It was actually funny for one thing, not like the shows today that only ever get a laugh from six-year-olds or pre-recorded laugh tracks.

Raven Symone was the best part about that show! I still sit down and watch full episodes, my favorite being the episode where they try to get people at their school to eat healthier.

Anna Popplewell

Susan from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe! I loved this film! In my opinon, it's the only one that was good. Prince Caspian was alright too, but not as amazing as this one! The beautiful Queen Susan was my favorite of the four, mainly because she excelled in my favorite form of weaponry—archery!

So there you have it! My four childhood crushes! Make sure to check out Danica's by clicking the link above and if you have some of your own make sure to write em' up and share it on Twitter and among the MP community!


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