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“Movies are like an expensive form of therapy for me.” ― Tim Burton

Imagine this... You have just broke up with you significant other. Your eyes are watery, tissues and a whole quart of ice cream with your spoon, barely touching the bottom of the carton, blocked by a melted layer of [insert favorite flavor here] ice cream. You are flipping through channels, every movie and TV show you come across is about getting together or healthy relationships, but one channel. The Break-Up is on. You decide to watch the movie, 'cause you know, the title is literally about your situation. You hear a joke and a small chuckle arises from the depths of your broken heart. The movie is over now and your hand reaches up to wipe a tear but... there are no tears. You have stopped crying and feel a weight taken off of your shoulders. This therapy session is now complete.

Now of course, for the sake of the article I went into extreme detail and some of your break-up experiences did not exactly occur in this way, but I am trying to emphasize that movies can be therapy that you pay 7.25 for at the theaters for (the price for certain movie theaters in Texas).

The reason I love movies is simple. You can dive in and stay underwater as long as you want, with them rushing into your ears and eyes as you become submerged. Movies provide an abundance of stories, and no matter what the genre, you can always find a lesson. For example, the Taken series. Simple lesson: never let your daughter leave the house. Another example being Avatar. Watching this helps you become aware that everything in the universe is connected and has a small niche. If you disrupt that, chaos can occur.

We are who we choose to be -a quote from the Spider-Man movie

In movies, that is definitely the case. You can choose to follow the story of whoever you want, where you want it to be, what you want it to do, and the time in which you want it in to be in.

*walks like a boss through dust and other stuff*
*walks like a boss through dust and other stuff*

Movies are an escape; a way to re-imagine the way your life is, or your chance to become a character in a movie for that hour and a half.


If you were in a movie, what genre would it be?


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