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Being a fan of the original, I was a little hesitant with the statements being made in the Horror community for the remake film. However, I watched the trailer open minded, ready for whatever Sam Raimi and his creative team had to throw at me. And I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with it all.

The trailer opens up with the mother speaking about her family situation. She starts with the family moving into the house. Maddie enjoys her bedroom closet showing her brother a hair static trick involving the closet door. Next the on-and-off of modern day toys and electronics happen, drawing concern with the family. Maddie is then abducted through her bedroom closet, which is a portal to the entities of the house's dimension. As the trailer progresses on the family goes to the police and a religious figure to find out what happened to Maddie.

There's information revealing that the house was built on a cemetery, along with the fact that it's not just "a few pissed off spirits, its a poltergeist." So already you can tell that it has a slight difference from the original. The next few shots of the trailer show the tree consuming family members, along with the infamous clown doll scene. There are a couple of shots suggesting the father gets himself in trouble as well. The last two ending scenes were not familiar being a fan of the original, showing that we have much more to expect and see when the film finally comes out!

Maggie being revealed in the closet in a different form was something different and new to the remake. This could possibly be a view into a new perspective for The Poltergeist. Along with the fact that she attacked her father right out of the closet as well -- the ending was quite creepy! Having Maddie call to her mom and then get swept away by the entities was chilling yet refreshing.

When first experiencing Maddie's reveal in the closet I was taken back a little. The questions that popped in my head were "Is she now the entity?" and "Is this a dream, or in the father's mind?" Then the last shot of her being swept away by the entities had a Paranormal Activity type feel to it all. Which excited me extremely.

Though there was no sign of the infamous saying "They're Here," I do believe this horror film will do well in the box office. Gapping the generations and targeting both demographics of parents growing up with the film in the 80s, and their children watching it now is amazing. It's a horror film for everyone.

So how much do you think the remake sticks to the original film so far? I personally see that it's spot on and even though I was extremely hesitant about it, I can now say I am excited. I was under the impression of it being a kid's adventure film, and the trailer suggested the complete opposite. Yes, the film is PG-13 for frightening sequences, suggestive material, and language, however I know the film will be worth the wait after watching the trailer.

The Poltergeist remake coming from Sam Raimi himself is the horror film to look out for this Summer. Make sure you've checked out the trailer above, and let me know what you think in the comments below.


Are You Going To See The Poltergeist Remake?


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