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If you're looking for another reason as to why 2016's Deadpool Movie won't be a complete disaster like 'Green Lantern' (2011) look no further than this article.

It's no secret that a script is wildly important before committing to a movie role, which actor Ryan Reynolds learned the hard way with Green Lantern.

In a recent interview with Yahoo! Movies, Reynold's explained “When we shot Green Lantern, nobody auditioning for the role of Green Lantern was given the opportunity to read the script, because the script didn’t exist, I’m not complaining about it — it was an opportunity of a lifetime, and if I were to go back and retrace my steps, I would probably do everything the exact same way. But script, that’s what’s different on this one.”

He went on to explain “We’ve had a script for three years,” referring to the upcoming [Deadpool](movie:38663) movie. “The script got leaked, and people even loved that. That says a lot — if you can create a script around a comic-book character that is directly within the canon of the character and be embraced. That’s a huge step in the right direction. I’ve since learned that a lot of superhero movies don’t really have a fully functioning draft of the screenplay ready until they’re already well into shooting.”

Don't mess with Deadpool
Don't mess with Deadpool

It's clear that Reynolds has faith in this script. They've had it for 3 years and he has been on board and ready the whole time. While with Green Lantern, he didn't see a script until after he had already committed to the role.


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