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In recent days it's been revealed that Superman now has a new power! Well, kind of. It's a power that he's technically had since his creation but never actually used. If your familiar with the Pokemon world you'll be extremely familiar with this, his new super power is creating an explosion. Ka-Boom. Dropped the bomb on you right there and you didn't expect it. Pardon my terrible humor, but get used to it as I'll be writing actual articles on here more frequently.

Many fans recall Superman Prime, where he sat and absorbed the power of the sun. The closer he is, the more energy he absorbs. It's Superman Prime that is considered the most powerful of all versions after travelling into the sun and getting a tan for 15,000 years. Yes, for those that weren't aware, Superman's greatest power of all is to be a plant.

However, the fact that Superman has always been so powerful and has so many abilities has made it difficult to really relate to the character. To this day some comic fans (myself included) say that Superman is overpowered, gravitating them to Batman intead. To stop all fan boys, yes Batman has the most broken power of them all in the power of the writer, ya-da-ya-da-ya... Skipping to the end of that argument.

This new ability takes his photosynthesis like ability and reverses it, instead of absorbing energy he unleashed it all in whats essentially a giant nuclear explosion capable of taking out any enemy... And foe... And I guess the entirety of Metropolis and more. Now in comes the really interesting part of his new power, when he unleashes all of this stored up power he literally becomes human. He doesn't have the energy stored up to use super strength, fly, or even heat vision.

Batman analyzing Superman's body after the power.
Batman analyzing Superman's body after the power.

In my own personal opinion, as all future articles here will be, I think this is an amazing thing to do to Superman! It actually removes his invincibility and makes him relatable as a character. I might now jump on Superman's bandwagon (Thus why I skipped that whole argument earlier). It only lasts for about 24 hours though which is where I am still skeptical, how often is he going to be using this ability that it'll keep him relatable? He's been doing this for so long now and hasn't needed to use it so it seems mostly unnecessary to use but it's defiantly an interesting way to evolve the character.

With all of that said, I'm curious to know what you guy's think! Comment below, I'll be sure to keep an eye in the comments. Also check out our team's Youtube channel where every Saturday we host a new episode of Nerdgasm, your source for your weekly nerdee news! Just click HERE to check it out. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!


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