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Those of you who have seen the trailer for Seventh Son have probably noticed Jeff Bridges' character, Master Gregory, sounds kind of bizarre. He speaks with this affected, guttural, almost Bane-esque growl — and it's all because of his costume.

"I had this idea — it's kind of a silly idea — to wear these weird teeth," he revealed during a press conference with co-stars Julianne Moore and Ben Barnes. "I’m thinking, 'You’re in the Dark Ages, you’re not going to have good teeth.'"

It makes sense, and is something always in the back of my head when I see the perfect, gleaming teeth of actors playing people who just would not have perfect, gleaming teeth.

Though he had the right idea, Bridges failed to consider another part of his costume.

"So I wore these teeth, which you couldn’t see at all because of all that hair!" he said, laughing. "But that made me probably slur a little bit."

Of course, the slur was strong enough that it would have been noticeable if he suddenly dropped it — which he kept re-realizing throughout shooting.

"About twice a day you went, 'Oh wait, my teeth!" said Barnes with a laugh.

Seventh Son is in theaters now!


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