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So I started reading about the occult and religion and serial killers and ghosts and what not aliens, etc etc. on Moviepilot. Some were really very interesting articles, I must say.

Now let me tell you something before you read furthermore!!

I AM BY NO MEANS A PARANORMAL ENTHUSIAST!! Was afraid of the dark as a child and believed ghosts were real. But Thanks to my anxiety disorder (Yeah you definitely learn something out of that jerk of a disorder), I have now stopped believing on them (no offence intended for people who do), a realist I am now.

However, I was reading about Abraham Lincoln and found out that after his death his wife hired a guy to take a photograph of herself with the spirit of her deceased former president husband!!

This was not the photograph!! (
This was not the photograph!! (
TA DA!! here's the actual photo thanks to google.
TA DA!! here's the actual photo thanks to google.

William H. Mumler was his name and he soon came to fame!! (you can read my poetry at if this little piece was dope!! :D )

ok so here goes my article.

what if we have a movie ( I cannot make one ) about the life of the photographer William H. Mumler, not completely as a ghost seeker and completely about those spirits or ghosts, but a drama movie about his life??

Here is a short description:

Leaving his job as a jeweler, Mumler started working as a full-time photographer, during the american civil war. People started hiring him to get a picture of their dead loved ones that they could keep. He also clicked a photo of Mary Todd Lincoln with the ghost of her husband Abraham Lincoln as stated above.

Later, P.T. Barnum accused him of being a fraud and taking advantage of people who had lost their loved ones at the civil war!! The same famous master Barnum who was an American showman and businessman remembered for promoting celebrated hoaxes and for founding the Barnum & Bailey Circus. Who had a Fiji mermaid and Tom freaking Thumb. Yeah the same person who said "There's a sucker born every minute". (written down thanks to wikipedia)

Barnum hired some photographer guy by himself and made his own photo with Abraham Lincoln's spirit to prove that Mumler's photos were hoaxes.

After the discovery that some of the 'ghosts' were in fact living people and that he had broken into the houses of people to steal the photos of their dead relatives, Mumler was brought to trial for fraud in April 1869 but was acquitted. however, his career was ruined. Mumler died in poverty.


So i wish there was a movie on this guy! not to prove if his photos were actual hoaxes, but about his life, about the trial, about his developing poverty. About his marriage with a famous "healing medium," who conducted her own business besides him. About this MASTER BARNUM, who himself conducted hoaxes and accused Mumler of being a fraud. (Mumler may have been a fraud, but I AM still pissed off with that Barnum guy!!)

so if any famous director happens to read my article, which might be non-sensical to many, I Hope he/she makes a movie out of it.

we got the protagonist (sort of) of the movie and we also have the antagonist.

Now let me say who might fit into the role.

William H. Mumler

portrayed by:

Yeah Leo!!
Yeah Leo!!

P.T. Barnum

portrayed by:


I'm still pissed at Mr. Barnum, but I absolutely respect Gene Hackman!! He would prove an awesome villain!!

Other portrayals might include :

Mumler's wife portrayed by:

GREEN is my fav color!! ok one of 'em!!
GREEN is my fav color!! ok one of 'em!!


Abraham Bogardus (the famous photographer who Barnum hired to capture a photo of him with president Lincoln's spirit to prove that Mumler was a fraud.) BY:

keep a pace there dude!!
keep a pace there dude!!

Lee Pace GUYS!!

And, Moses A. Dow ( a journalist who Mumler had photographed who testified in support of Mumler during the trial ) by:

Efron is now serious!
Efron is now serious!

Zac Efron?? Come on my mind cannot just look away from this picture of his, telling all of us to give him a try on movies like these with the above mentioned awesome actors!!


Ok so this is my wish for a new movie.


A hint for the directors ( There is a book on Mumler, called The Strange case of william mumler )

The name of the movie could be "The negatives"

Tell me what you people think about it. You can even suggest a name if you would like!

Thank You!


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