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We are back for my 2nd week of reviewing both the new episodes of The Flash and Arrow. This week we tackle the 12th episode of season 3 titled "The Uprising". Lots to talk about so let's not waste anytime.


If you haven't watched every episode of [Arrow](series:720988) up until "The Uprising" be warned. I'm going to talk about my top 5 moments that stuck out to me whether they were good or bad.

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5. The Battle in the Streets

Team Arrow (as Felicity likes to call them) banded together to attack Brick and his men. This very much felt like one of the final battles in The Dark Knight Rises between Bane's prisoners and Batman with the police. Action sequences like these are what make Arrow one of the best comic book television adaptations.

My only issue is that many of Brick's men had guns but still ran to battle with their fists? We saw Diggle shoot a guy but if there were guns why not have one action sequences with guns then one with fist fights? It may seem nit-picky but it bothered me a little.

4. Malcolm Flashbacks

This episode we were given some flashbacks to when Malcolm's wife was murdered. We got to see Malcolm in a TERRIBLE wig. I'm sorry guys but Arrow's hair/wig/makeup department chose something that had me cracking up.

The problem was we already knew Merlyn's wife was murdered in the Glades. There was no new information given here. I would've rather seen him train in the League of Assassins or explain why he was kicked out. I'm all for learning more about Malcolm Merlyn but let's learn something new!

3. Not buying Laurel as Canary

No offense to Laurel, or the actress but I'm not buying her as the Canary. I just think a few weeks or a month at a boxing gym doesn't make you a crime fighter. She was trained to box? Why try to wield that baton weapon thingy her sister used to use? I would rather see her train the rest of the season before she can go in the field full time.

2. Brick is defeated already???

If you read my review last week I praised bringing this Brick character to Arrow. He was an intelligent badass. I was really looking forward to Oliver vs. Brick once he came back to Starling City. What happened?

Oliver showed up and BOOM Brick's guys lose and he's being carted off to jail. Anti-climactic am I right? Brick should've been allowed to stick around for another episode or two. In a single episode he took over the Glades then a single episode later he lost them? C'mon writers!

1. Oliver is BACK

That's right boys and girls it finally happened. We knew it would I was just curious how long it would actually take but Oliver Queen is BACK. We are all excited for the reunion right?

He pretty much just swooped in and saved the day like it was the easiest thing in the world. Kinda made his team look bad to the audience in my eyes. Arrow didn't come back mid-fight and we saw the battle rag on for a few more minutes. It was kinda like "hey guys, I got this" and day saved.

What did you all think? Please comment below!

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