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Another day, another serial killer on their way to Gotham.

This time, though, the murderous villain in question comes with a seriously dark past - and a whole lot of previous comic-book series experience...

The reason? He's been murdering women in Gotham for almost a decade - and he's being played by Milo Ventimiglia, one time star of Heroes...

The big question now, though - as it always is when a new villain is introduced to the show - is this:

Could Milo Ventimiglia's New Villain Turn Out To Be The Joker?

Well, sadly, on the face of it, most likely not.

Ventimiglia is, after all, apparently set to play a very specific - and non-Joker-y - serial killer in the show, in a multi-episode arc beginning with Episode 19. He'll be stepping into the shoes of a brand new original character, Jason Lennon, A.K.A. The Ogre. Jason is reportedly a "handsome, wealthy and seductive" sort of mass-murderer, who lures young women into a series of tests to determine his perfect mate, killing them when they inevitably fail.

So, essentially, he's SAW's Jigsaw, with a twisted sexual focus.

The most intriguing thing, though, is this snippet of information about his ultimate role in the series:

"Lennon’s obsessions, combined with Gordon’s determination to bring him down, send both Gordon and Lennon — and those around them — on a course toward tragedy."

Now, on the one hand, that suggests we may well see a major character die - and odds are, considering The Ogre's dark predilections, we're talking a female lead - but it's also entirely possible that it's hinting at something more...

Could The Ogre Become, or Create, The Joker?

After all, there's very little evidence that Gotham is going to cling all that tightly to conventional DC comic-book continuity, so the idea of The Joker having his origins in a twisted serial killer isn't entirely unimaginable.

Add in the fact that Ventimiglia is a fairly high-profile guest star, compared to Gotham's prior preference for relative unknowns, and there's a definite suspicion that he could have a far greater role to play than anyone's letting on.

Even if the idea of him eventually playing The Joker is a little too out there, though - it certainly seems possible that he could play a role in the origination of the villain...

Could one of his victims, perhaps, have a close relationship to the young man who'll one day become the Clown Prince of Crime?

We'll soon find out...

What do you guys reckon, though? Could Milo Ventimiglia actually be playing The Joker, or cause him to arrive in Gotham? Do you think the show would actually be improved by the villain's arrival? And what the heck is Jim Gordon going to make of a villain this twisted?



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