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The trailer for this year's ultimate hunk-fest, Magic Mike XXL, has taken the internet by storm, and it's no wonder - the video is packed with a plethora of thinly disguised sexual innuendos!

Channing Tatum's seductive striper-filled sequel is due to hit cinemas this July, but that's just too long to wait for some. So, in the meantime, here are Magic Mike's truly bookmark-worthy GIFs to keep you hot during the long Winter months!

Come at me, bro

I think all my underwear just suddenly fell off.

'I don't know what's happening but I'm having a great time doing it!'

Is this what nightclubs are meant to be like? I've been going to all the wrong places...

The world's greatest high five

'look at my elbow bro!'

Channing knows what you want

It most likely involves his top being ripped off.

Err, are you gonna clean that up?

Sexual innuendos can be messy.

The best way to leave a room

This is how I end all my conversations now.

You can thank me later

That's all folks! You'll have to suppress your Channing Tatum cravings until the Summer to get your ultimate Magic Mike fill, but you can bet it'll be worth the wait!

Be sure to check out the full uncut trailer below:


Will you be throwing your dollars at Magic Mike?


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